(v.)The act of putting a paper bag over a girl's head during intercourse, in an attempt to preserve the attraction. Often used in the case of a girl with a nice figure but a hideous face.
So, man what do you think about Erin?

Well, she's got a tight ass and some nice titties, but I've seen better faces at Halloween! I'd definitely paperbag that though.
by Philly Pendejo July 27, 2005
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breathing in and out of a paper bag and kidding yourself your getting oxygen
"i keep having to put money into my company's account to pay myself! man, am i paper bagging it"
by gunsu69 July 09, 2009
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1) the act of working in a grocery store and being the "bag boy/girl"
2) having to place a paper bag over a girl/guy's head b/c they are not "idealistic" w/ facial features
1) i got a job for paperbagging at Ralph's
2) shes got a body but i would have to paperbag that
by dre dre August 09, 2004
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The act of covering ones face with a paper bag before fornicating. It should preferably have a hole for the person to breathe if you don not want to suffocate the person.
Person #1 : damn dude, this chick has a fine body! ...Pity her face is so screwed up...
Person #2 : I say, fuck the face and rock the base!
Person #1 : your right, person #2... I wouldn't mind PAPER-BAGGING that thing!
by Yaya Bhaiya August 12, 2011
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