What a granchild calls their parents father. Sometimes they are molesters and they still expect to be called Papa at the end of the night.
Papa is a sick fuck! He took advantage of mom, and now I can't call him Papa anymore. It's a loving term, and I don't love him!
by justtryintoclarify October 08, 2008
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The word Johnny use, instead of Dad.
Johny, Johny
Yes, Papa?
Eating sugar?
No, papa!
Telling lies?
No, papa!
Open your mouth
Ah, ah, ah!
by xxxPussyStorm October 03, 2018
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This is the name of a chubby Italian man by his grandchildren. It is Italian and Papa was the a beautiful soul and lived an amazing life.
“My grandpas nickname is Papa
Hi I’m papa
I love you papa”
by missred011 December 29, 2019
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italian word for daddy. yk dadddy yeahh that one
by suppapà January 13, 2021
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My grandfather is such a papa
What’s a papa a papa is my crazy grandfather.
by Paushdjsjekdmd July 27, 2020
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