Guys version of mamas
It’s the best boyfriend/husband in the world. Super handsome, smart ,honest, and silly. It’s the full package. Papas is usually used as a nickname
Goodmorning papas

Hey papas!
I love you papas
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by NyQuil 2000 January 05, 2020
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A papa is basically one who has risen to godhood. The best at fortnite dances and has won one battle royale. Papa knows all and is the best so dont question papa.
by Jenny not the block November 29, 2018
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If your hanging out with your gang, your homies might call the gang leader papa.
my papa is John, All hail Papa.
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by Parachutpop November 18, 2018
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it means father in the middle eastern countries
my pa hit me bcuz he saw me wit guy
by niga November 12, 2003
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PAPA (Penis, Ass, Penis, Ass) The definition of a Man on Man three Way
Troy: Man I'm sore from that wicked PAPA last night.
by Seth_vii October 06, 2011
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A man usually between the ages of 35-55, usually of hispanic decent that shows salt and pepper hair and usually looks worn a beat up. And still tries to run pick up basketball players with young men. They usually also call everyone else "papa"
Eric Estrada (the actor), Eduardo Najara (nba player) are papas. "hey good job papa"
by Jayg210tx April 29, 2010
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Some random figure from the NSW School Certificate 2010.
Test Paper: Papa sold his boat.
Student: =O
by ohlookmonkeys November 08, 2010
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