A guy who doesn't know a super ridiculously awesome girl when he comes across her.
I can't believe that dorkus pants tried to get his cock out on the internet again.
by Tripleswirl May 24, 2010
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The act of subtley implanting an idea into another persons head without actually saying it
I got a girl to send nudes by using the over the pants inception method.
by The real Jj17 December 10, 2015
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Usually fucking pants happens after a heavy night of alcohol drinking. Some urges can not be contained by a zipper. First you get hammered then you get nailed. Can also be alternative for the word "fuck".
It's looks like she has her fucking pants on, hopefully she gets everyone some tonight.

I hope these boys are still awake, I got my fucking pants on.

All my hay days friends are fucking pants!!!
by Bog ding October 3, 2016
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a girl who is so nice that a guy will easily walk all over her, but then feel awful about it
a naive, sheltered college freshman girl
"she is a little-miss-nicey-pants"
by mnp123 July 2, 2009
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Turning up in overwatch and absolutely popping off for the boys
*Jasper getting a quadruple kill*
“I am shitting my pants right now, I AM SHITTING MY PANTS!!”
by Pasty C April 9, 2019
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When one faps without the removal of ones underwear
by Master of Disaster 64 June 29, 2019
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Doesn’t even need a definition tbh its common knowledge what this means 🤷 ♂️
Hey Connor! Are you shirt-pantsing?

Hells Yeah I am!
by idkbijmunmk June 22, 2022
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