long, wearable garments for covering the leftand right movement stalk (comes in both the edible and non-edible form)
by 2 very board people September 10, 2003
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panties. A skimpy undergarment generally worn by females over the crotch area. Generally British slang.
I would like to see that girl with her pants off
by benjmaster August 09, 2004
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Something that gets in the way when your ready to do the bone dance.

Also.. a stupid word reffering to a "pair of pants", which makes no sense because its only one pant, yet nobody says "i bought a sweet pant yesterday", so it doesnt work that way.

I was tryin to fuck this bitch when i was drunk, but then i noticed my pants were in the way >.<!
by Habeeb June 26, 2006
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its now a law to wear pants while motorcycling
by me December 06, 2003
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weird pieces of cloth you wear over your legs to restrain your manhood.
Greg doesn't like his manhood so he wears super skinny Pants
by ButterPasser420 June 10, 2014
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"The pants of the relationship" meaning the dominant figure or the top
she's the pants of their relationship...?
by tinycactass November 26, 2016
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