It was taken from a saint's name, Saint Laurentius.. Laurentius is dedicated for a guy name, and Laurentia is for the girl.. Most of people named Laurentia has a unique individuality, a natural-born adventurist and a risk taker.. In the other side, they are sweet, kind and loyal.. Physically, they are sexy.. They have confidence, and they are brave..
Laurentia is the sweetest person I have ever known!
by ClaraShela September 30, 2011
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A Laurentia is the coolest person you get to know in your life . She's fun to be with, knows how to party and is a good friend.
Person A : Wow this girl has such a lovely, nice and cool aura.
Person But : She has to be a Laurentia
by goodtoknowhoe May 10, 2020
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She a rude ass motha fuckin bitch with a torn ACL but she beautiful anyways and she a great friend
1 human: Damn that girl murdered me and now I haunt her
2 human: She must’ve been a Laurentia
by Tessyourawesomefriend November 25, 2018
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