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Modern day not-quite-country situated in and adjacent to Israel. The area is currently involved in a bloody struggle for independence from Israel. Despite what the anti-Israeli Western media likes to say, the politics of the situation have almost nothing to do with the Palestinian people themselves and everything to do with other Middle Eastern states (and some power-mongering militants) trying to get revenge on Israel for being owned in the Six-day War (namely Egypt, Jordan and Syria, whom most coincidentally lost the Palestinian territories during said war).

For years the Palestinian Authority, the main governing entity for the region, was run by Yasser Arafat, a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing who clandestinely sponsored terrorism against Israel knowing full well it would prevent the peace and independence he claimed to desire. Of course, this is the same guy who turned down a perfectly good peace agreement brokered by the US and agreed to by Israel for no good reason so it should be expected.
Palestine might actually get its independence now that Arafat is out of the picture and sane people are running the show there.
by Bogus February 04, 2005
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In Biblical times the Jewish people lived in areas of Judea and Samaria, which made up the Holy Land which is now called Palestine.
After major rebellions, the Jews were expelled by the Romans in the 2nd century and settled in Europe and North Africa. A little while later, Muslim Arabs settled in Palestine around the 11th century. As the 20th century began, the Jewish people began to move back to what they had always regarded as thier homeland. thier attempts to reclaim the land from the Arab Palestinians has caused conflict which remains unresolved.
by CrnaStrela August 12, 2005
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The name given to Israel by the Romans after they conquered the area. THe name comes from Philistines, Israel's sworn enemies. Those who call themselves Palestinians are not related to the Philistines in any way, but only took the name so they would seem like a separate people, in an attempt to drive the Jews out of the region under the pretext of getting their own state.
"Palestinian": I want my own country
Person who knows history: You have one. It's called Jordan.
"Palestinian": It's too far.
Person who knows history: It's like 2 miles away.
"Palestinian": Well, my legs are very tired and I'm already settled and... (blows self up to avoid any more of logical conversation)
by ayabab2 September 13, 2003
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"Palestine" is derived from "Provincia Syria Palestinae" a regional name given to what was formerly "Provincia Judea" -- renamed by Roman Emporer Hadrian in 70AD as punishment for the Jewish Revolt, by trying to erase its Jewish identication.

Modern day "Palestine" however, is a complete fabrication. There has never been a separate country or people of Palestine. Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are well aware that there is no connection between the "ancient civilization of the Philistines" and themselves. Philistines were sea-people from the Greek Islands, most likely from Crete. (Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula.) The Philistines settled along the coast of what was called "Canaan" in Biblical times, around the same period as the migration of the ancient Hebrews -- in the 13th and 12th Century, BC. Philistine cities were at constant war with the early Israelites. The Philistine nation was eventually destroyed by the Babylonian invasion of Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC.

Arabs arrived a thousand years later.

The modern usage of "Palestine" comes from the post-Ottoman Empire "British Mandate of Palestine," which included what is now called Jordan. The Arabs now calling themselves "Palestinians" are the same as those calling themselves "Jordanians."
Arab: "I'm a Palestinian and deserve my own country!"

Historian: "Could you please describe a Palestinian language, culture or history, which makes you different from your Arab brothers in Jordan?"

Arab: "Help, help, I'm be oppressed!"

This is a re-post of a completely factual definition that was deleted by twats who can't handle the truth.
by radium December 29, 2004
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A made up nation. Named after the contry "palestine"
Was accualy "Judea" or "Israel", and been changed to palestine by cysar Adriyanos (132BC) after the old tribes of the philisities that lived along the southern beach of Israel.
there is no palestine language - the language is arabic; there is no palestine religion - the religion is Islam;
and we don't know anything about the palestine history - that because there isn't any history before the 67' war.
by itamar tzur May 19, 2006
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An arab settler-colony on Jewish land, which claimed themselves the legitimate people of said land after ethnically cleansing the Jews and then started calling them imperialists when they came back.
But if you insist, y'know that chunk of mandatory Palestine the British carved out, with, like, 90% of the territory? You Arabs can have that.
by birdboy2000 April 02, 2006
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Check your maps, folks! Can you see a 'Palestine?' I sure as hell can't!
There doesn't appear to be an actual 'Palestine, does there Johnny? It's just a fanatical misconception by those who espouse radical Islamic terrorism and mysogony.
by Oxford Press September 07, 2005
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