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A country ruled by Arabs for over 1000 years. Der Judenstaat, a Austrian Zionist, began to advocate the creation of a Jewish state in either Argentina or Palestine. During the 1940's Zionist from Poland, Italy, Germany, and other European countries entered Palestine as a result of the holocaust. Before the holocaust Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived happily as neighbors but when the Zionists came into Palestine they then took the land and homes of the civilians and slaughtered many Christians and Muslims. Today they oppress non-Jews, and in the year 2004 the Israelis killed over 450 women and children. In the Six-day War the Israelis were losing to the Arab countries until America came in and threatend to bomb any country opposing Israel. Since 1949 American tax payers have given Israel over $83.205 billion. Mentioned in the Bible as Palestine, and not Israel. Even Pope John Paul II refused to recognize Palestine as Israel. Also more that 90% of Jordans population are originally Palestinain, which came to Jordan as a result of the attacks done by the Israelies which resulted in the loss of the Palestinan's land and homes. There are even many Pro-Palestinian protestors, who are Jewish, in Palestine, who are often arrested and beaten by Israeli officials.
All of this information is factual and could be checked up online.
I know many Palestinians whose lands were stolen by the Israelis.
by DIA61 July 12, 2005

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