•like a soulmate but non romantic
•a best friend that you were meant to be best friends with
•when you love someone so much but you don’t want to date them and they’re not family
•Note: just like you can have a romantic crush you can also have a platonic crush called a squish
Aimee: OMG, I love you Emily, you’re my platonic soulmate.
Emily: I love you too, i’ve had a squish on you for so long

Person 1:Oh are you two dating?

Person 2&3: no we’re just platonic soulmates
by squishtomarry13 January 26, 2018
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the highest rank on the friendship scale

- the only person you can be yourself around without a second thought
- the first person you tell anything and everything to
- they’ve seen you at your darkest and your absolute weirdest
- you could probably walk into their house with no warning and it’s just accepted by their family
I always thought that we were just best friends but it turns out we’re platonic soulmates.
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isabelle and valeria, aka bella and larry
omg we are platonic soulmates! just like isabelle and valeria!
by steveismylove June 3, 2022
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