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The coolest nickname anyone could ask for. It holds the cool status of the "Fonz" with the Italian twist from Fazio.
Faz, how is it going today?
by Julesie April 11, 2008
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(adjective) in the state of being extremely cool and hip. often associated with people who are in on the latest lingo and styles. when someone is called faz, they can often be associated with being attractive.

(noun) someone who possesses style or flair. often associated with charismatic people.

(verb) if something is fazzed, or has been fazzed, it went out of style and they came back, or was lifeless or lame and then was changed in some way to make it cool.
(adj.) look at Greg. he's so stylish and cool. He is so faz.

(n.) matt: check her out. she's got some serious swag.
joey: yea, man, that girl has faz.

(v.) i'm so glad she fazzed up that sweater. before it looked hideous.
by periwinkle1996 July 21, 2010
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Someone's pubic hair or general pubic region.
Damm, i just shaved my faz and its itchy as hell.
by pappa john June 07, 2005
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a person who is extremely obsessed with sports and is very competitive. Faz's often like to take videos with cameras of random things...most likely a faz's video will be earthquake-like. the laugh of a faz resembles a hyena and is very annoying. you can only find a faz in an African rain forest.
You are being a faz today and sound like a hyena.
by nora reibar. January 01, 2008
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