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1. can which contains paint
2. slaps stupid ppl
that paint can is gonna slap ya fuckin face
by Dong Woo August 10, 2005
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a female that is not very intelligent and frequently engages in sexual intercourse, analogous to a can of paint, not very bright and spreads easy.
ten minutes into our date I could tell Sally was a total paintcan
by dirty bastard brad September 19, 2005
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A 'gorilla' or muscle-head, likely from the shore of New Jersey, who walks with his chest puffed out and arms at near 90 degree angles as if he's holding a heavy paint can in each hand.
A juiced, tanned GTL'er would walk as though holding paint cans.
by Portuguese Paint Cans June 08, 2010
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after you man cums in your mouth, they shake your head, causing their man butter to drip out of your mouth like paint.
i really hate it when brandon gives me the paint can. it makes me so dizzy.
by Hannah Porter January 09, 2008
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A case of severe diarrhea, likely a result from eating extremely hot or greasy food. Or beans.
Don't expect to escape Old Mexico without getting a case of the paintcans.
by TEDXCI August 19, 2011
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