Anal sex that hurts really bad (or good if she's a masochist).
Chocolate Thundar here is ready for some painal.
by billy7583 August 30, 2006
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The act of a penis or suitable proxy being delivered to the anus with such vigor as to cause immense pain.
Max and Luke decided that the only way to properly end their boys' night out was with an intimate bout of painal.
by Joe_Not-so-cool March 14, 2014
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Painal is simply and abbreviation for "painful anal" and may have an added description of being something the girl may like or at least enjoy because her guy enjoys it. There are sites on the internet that specialize in painal such as sinnistar.
He did not realize his wife enjoyed painal. He knew the anal sex was painful for her but didn't realize someone could enjoy painful anal sex.
by Sickporn July 15, 2016
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the quality or state causing pain or hurt, the condition of having pain inflicted or being in pain
'There's a great deal of painality for Andy to deal with now that Gary's run off with Barry '.
by Hatespectrum June 07, 2005
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When anal sex brings about extreme pain, typically with the first attempt but has been known to occur in sober women or she just can't seem to relax and let him do his thing.

Also used when referring to the first few minutes of anal entry.

In men, painal can be the excruciating pain that shoots through your rectum without warning, typically in a board meeting or social settings.
Mike and I tried butt sex last night. Once we got through the painal minutes, I loved it.

Dude, I had the worst painal attack at my girlfriends funeral. My girl thought I was crying with emotion but really it was the painal contractions.
by KickasstanedaP May 11, 2016
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A form of anal sex that involves 43% more pain than it's counterpart.
Nah boo, I gotta get to feeling better before that next round of painal!
by cw/A May 28, 2018
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Having qualities that cause either emotional or physical annoyance; see pain in the ass.
by The Froad July 10, 2008
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