Slang term for a large street-fight involving several people all laying into each other with fists, feet, bottles, pool cues and whatever else comes to hand. Thought to derive from "pandemonium".
There was a right pagga outside The Ritzy last night.
by OddBilly November 26, 2004
Male masturbating, other names: Jerking off/ jacking off/ rubbin dick
He's busy with pagga
by Paggaman July 6, 2006
Used in The Netherlands as a sentence to say: I'm going to beat my meat or bus a nut
"Ey jonge, ik ga ff pagga slaan op je moeder ok" (Hey bro, i'm going to nut on your mom okay?)
by DebilBlyad March 5, 2019
A minimum of 3 guys, can be more, all jerk off in a circle around a cracker. The one who cums the last, has to eat the cracker with the other guys cum on it.
Raul needs to eat the pagga cracker.
by GOvder October 28, 2020
There are 3 naked guys, can be more, standing in a circle masturbating around a cracker. The one who cums the last on the cracker had to eat it.
Raul has to eat the pagga cracker, with the cum of Johan and Gerard on it.
by GOvder October 28, 2020