Little twelve year olds ussually spam it around in all chats they can. Dutch word for 'yo mama'

Word will always be used to retalliate on you see the e.g.
ME : Damn, your soooo lame...
IT : Je moeder...
by Tidus April 30, 2003
Dutch saying made famous by Chahid Charrak, aka dutch performante, aka kunstgebit

#ik kan wel huilen
Don: eey kunstgebit
Chahid: je moeder vriend
by Kechalert September 16, 2020
See looks like a blob fish she is so ugly. It is a Dutch word. Its a inside joke Lolol trololol
Chinese vliegen poep: hey You skunk like dogpoo
Gekke gerrit:Je moeder heet Henk
by Tena kaas February 27, 2017
It translates from dutch to english to: your cancer mother.
And is used by what we call:vmbo'ers
Like when someone offends you

Domme kut
Je kanker moeder
by Hgvgddccv345 October 2, 2020
A dutch centence that you can use in almost every moment
Stranger: je bent echt kapot stom/ you are fucking annoying.
You: ja je kanker moeder ook: yes, your cancer mom is annoying to.

Stranger: ik haat je/ i hate you,
You: dat is wat je kanker moeder zei toen je was geboren/ that is what your cancer mom said when you were born.

Stranger: ik neuk je vriendin/ i will fuck your girlfriend.
by Ooooooopppsssssssp March 25, 2019
Dutch word for: Your cancer mom

This sentence is manly used as an insult
by Rafebro April 21, 2017
een nederlands scheld zin die word gebruikt om iemand boos te maken
he jaro je kanker moeder
by somedude_yeets September 29, 2020