when you're about to nut so you bus a nut
omg im about to " bus a nut"
by Big bave June 11, 2018
When semen is released from the penis
Yo Blood i bus nuts on that chicks top lip
by Bukaman August 5, 2006
Instead of saying, you cant cum, you cant bus nut
Arrrrr no, face it, you cant bus nut
by Mc_Dizzee December 8, 2004
noun: People who like buses, typically taking many photos of buses to later put onto a forum and share with other bus nuts. It is their obsession.

Brad is such a bus nut, he takes his camera everywhere in case he will see one!
by stonedfly December 21, 2008
A student or athlete that misbehaves on a bus before they reach their designation
OMG, The wrestling team were pissed when TJ acted out in front of everybody, he is such a school bus nut
by I ran out of ideas April 16, 2018
Friday is the official day of nut busting. Due to the fact that Friday is tuna sub day at subway, and tuna sub is bus a nut backwards. This officially makes every Friday a day for ladies and gents to celebrate and bus some nuts!
Friend one: yo I’m hungry, what are we gonna eat.
Friend 2: it’s bus a nut day so let’s hit up subway and then we’ll go to the brothel and penetrate many girls with our penises
by Jfaulken May 18, 2018