–adjective swanky; elegant; posh: a ritzy neighborhood; a ritzy hotel. After the Ritz hotel. A very illustrious description of someone or something.
Those people at the party were just to ritzy for me. That hotel was just way to ritzy for me, im going to motel 6.
by Jeremy Hasenbuhler March 27, 2007
Ritzy, the name of an amazingly unique woman. Filled with curiosity and responsibility. She is funny, nice, and openly caring.
by @eww.its.sage February 17, 2019
Short but feisty. An amazing friend, but a terrifying enemy.
"We'd better not hurt her, she has a Ritzi on her side."
by trechu April 26, 2010
MAN 1- hey that tie really makes you look ritzy

MAN 2-thanks
by thegr8tman January 16, 2012
See Shitzy

Anything opposite of Ritzy
This listing is totally anti-ritzy
by The Double Duce January 23, 2008