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An answer to a question that sounds like something you'd hear at a beauty pageant.
Do you like cats?

I love all the animals of the world.

What a pageant answer...
by MaskedSinger November 04, 2010
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Prince Poppycock, or John Quale, is an opera singer who was a finalist on America's Got Talent. He was an amazing singer in the competition and also an excellent showman, putting on spectacular scenes week after week.

He is known not only for his unusual and humorously narcissistic interpretations of classical arias, but also his flashy costumes, wigs, and makeup based on classic French Baroque dress.

He has been compared to revolutionary artists such as Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, although I would venture to say in terms of pure talent, Prince Poppycock is a notch above both. In his second performance on AGT, he sang a well-executed rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody," a risky but rewarding desicion.

Prince Poppycock was the favorite contestant of Sharon Osbourne, who called him "a true individual and a true artiste."

I think he is one of the most amazing and talented performers of our time and I could listen to his rendition of "Largo Al Factotum" for hours. :)
-When somebody walks onstage dressed like you, calling themselves "Prince Poppycock," I was expecting it to take a certain route... But instead, it took a rather different route.
-They don't call me Poppycock for nothing, darling!
by MaskedSinger January 18, 2011
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