One who is sencative, charismatic, and lives life to the fullest. Yet responsible, dependable, and one you can count on. ALSO NOT ONE TO FUCK WITH!
"Whoah... that person is so cool!!! they must be a Padilla!"
by purple niggah January 21, 2012
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an act of douchery, in which one person out of a group will not own up to his or her actions and face the consequences, therefore forcing said consequences onto another person.
Andy threw a ball over the fence, but pulled a padilla forcing me go get it.

Katie spilled her drink but pulled a padilla and walked out, leaving Joey to clean it up.
by formanldl06 July 24, 2009
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one of the creators of smosh, along with ian hecox. funny, cute, and talented.
did you see anthony padilla on youtube? he's a total hottie.
by whitetrashleyy May 17, 2008
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Daniel Padilla is a Filipino Actor//Singer..
He is one of the most crazed teen stars...
He is Better than Chicser..
For who that does not know who Chicser is..
Chicser are self-conceited,Fame Whores. Who copy 1D,K-Pop and Daniel Padilla...
Daniel Padilla is The hottest rated teen star of all time in the Phillipines
by AgentCaramel May 29, 2013
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n. an extremly nice person to which anybody will instantaly be attracted to, and in some cases maybe even worship. Not to be confused with man whores.
Adam:"Who's that guy?"
John:"I don't know, but he seems to be quite the padilla bear."
by snuffy3000 May 22, 2010
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Having an abundant amount of money. Similar to baller status.
How did you buy that Corvette? It must be nice having that "Padilla money".
by The real "SUX2BU" February 16, 2008
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The awesomest guy ever and the creater of the best show on the internet along with Ian!
OMG, Anthony Padilla is so hot!
by Artemis Chase October 1, 2011
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