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Fast-paced. More commonly used in the UK than in North America.
"This book is a pacy, compelling account of one of the field's most gifted leaders blurb."
by al-in-chgo July 26, 2017
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One who is unable to run anything, spicifically a school system
"Don't pick Ron for the job, he's such a Pacy."
by Dan Grenier February 17, 2003
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Short term for "Pacifiers" in this way it is used for ravers to suck on when theyre on ecstacy
by Brobbins December 14, 2010
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Pacy: armed and ready to take shots or video recording engagement
Out on a quest gathering, 'pacy' and eager for the event/s.
by Bryn Benn March 28, 2020
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The most awsomest person you will ever meet, is loyal, always there for you, sweet, and loving, and more.
Pacy is the sweetest thing.
by Awwwesomeperson March 27, 2020
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