An adjective used to describe someone that has a lot of skill at what they are good at. Most of the time it's a musical ability or sports. But it can be used in your daily activities as well.
Last night I went to the concert. And Eddie Van Halen sounded amazingly awesome when he played Eruption.
by Mr.Amazingly Awesomeness October 20, 2009
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Defined as a man's dick. Usually a man refers to his own as his own amazingly awesomeness.

"Hey Joe G. how is your Amazingly Awesomeness?"

by gigi sqular September 20, 2006
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something that is beyond awesome and amazing yet it is ghetto but fantabously cool at the same time. just like the color purple and Gir from Invader Zim. And Orchestra but mostly the violin players because Violas suck monkkey butt and have hairy backs.
violin players are Awesomely-Amazingly-Ghetto-Fantabously-Cool Gir is Awesomely-Amazingly-Ghetto-Fantabously-Cool the color purple is Awesomely-Amazingly-Ghetto-Fantabously-Cool Fried and Upside down sistas are Awesomely-Amazingly-Ghetto-Fantabously-Cool violas are not Awesomely-Amazingly-Ghetto-Fantabously-Cool
by awwihitmyheadonthechair August 8, 2009
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