The Pacific Palisades is a very very rich area of Los Angeles. Most of the kids that live in the Palisades go to exclusive private schools like Windward Harvard Westlake Archer Crossroads and Wildwood. There are a lot of celebrities who live in the Palisades and the area is divided into certain neighborhoods: the riviera, the hunington, the highlands, and the area called marquez (in my opinion the nicest) by the beach. The Palisades is a lovely little family community only for extremely rich people.
"Hey dude, does that girl live in the Pacific Palisades?"

"Yeah her parents are millionaires."

"No wonder."
by neopetsgirl22 February 8, 2009
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Prank done to people where pants are unsuspectingly lowered, and said person lays backwards with both legs exposed on a bed or couch exposing his/her anus to person entering the room. Element of surprise is key. Name derives from Spring Breakers partying by the beach on the pacific coast.
Carlos got Pedro with the Pacific-O again; Danny totally Pacific-O'd Pedro again!
by ToDaLymit April 6, 2015
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Also known as "PacSun", it is a clothing store that can be found in many malls. The clothing is fashionable and of high quality, though most of it is rather expensive (but no where near the amount of dough stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger expect you to shell out). The store itself is normally associated with the "Punk" subculture, but you can normally see all different types of people shopping in it.
Student: "Oh, wow! Where did you get that Hurley beanie from?"
Self-proclaimed "punk": "I bought it at PacSun."
by JR December 29, 2005
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An Asian mall in Markham known to all asians (even the ones who don't live in the area). Here, you can find DVDs for sale, various bubble tea stores, clothing stores, and more. It is a hangout place for fobs and mallrats, who you can find mostly in the arcade on the second floor. There are also a variety of photobooths in which you can choose the background and borders of your photos. This mall is also known as "p-mall". If you are non-Asian, get ready to get ripped off by store owners when you enter.
Ex1. Those DDR players at Pacific mall are hardcore.

Ex2. If you ask any Asian, they'll know about Pacific mall.
by OldCatLady May 28, 2009
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A San Diego beach neighborhood over-ran by individuals from New Jearsey and Boston.
PB local: Hey man, do you want to go surf Pacific Beach?
East Coast Transplant: No, I have to park the cah and watch the Patriots game.
by North PBecian February 5, 2011
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A fuckin awesome movei in which Big robots called Jaegers fight Giant monsters kalled Kaiju. If you don't like the movie after you've seen it, you should be fucked with Gypsy Danger's I-19 Plasmacaster and Chain Swords.
Dude, what are you watching? Is that Pacific Rim?
Fuck your mother, bitch! I'm learning the sweet combat moves of Striker Eureka! I mean, just lookat those K-stunner Ramjet missles! THey're awesome! And look at those superheated Stinger Blades! I bet those weapons can sweep whole waves of Kaiju! Fuck yea!
by Truckload of Swag January 31, 2016
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A place in West LA that falls between Malibu and Santa Monica. There are 4 main sections of the Palisades: 1. The Riviera(between Amalfi and Capri) 2. The Highlands(any home off of Palisades Drive) 3. Downtown (anything near the center) 4. The Huntington (between the riviera and downtown). For the most part the Palisades is liberal and a celebrity hub. The locals are extremely proud to be from P-Town. There is a 50/50 mix between private and public school kids in the Palisades. Overall its home but it's not where most locals spend their Saturday nights.
You'll never guess who I saw today in Pacific Palisades....
by WestsideSam August 15, 2008
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