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Placing a slice of pineapple over the anus of another person, then eating out that person's ass.
The citric acid from that pacific rim is burning my sphincter.
by Snorkie May 14, 2006
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When you bang a girl on top of a high dive or platform above water while she is in backbend position, when you finish you grab the poor girl's legs and flip her into the water.
Troy: "Dude last night i snuck into the local pool, and gave my girl a pacific throwdown!"
Andrew: "Damn dude thats awesome!"
by ThekewlChaldofrmcentral September 30, 2009
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a group of kooks who hang out at the breakwall and have matching stickers on their boards.
look at the blue pacific guys, they think they own the place..they dont even live here
by yeeeparty December 28, 2010
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The use of TVs, DVDs, video games, etc. as tools to keep children quiet or to act as technological babysitters, thereby obviating the need for and stunting the development of interpersonal skills, human interaction, personal creativity and imagination.
We chose not to order the DVD player for our vehicle because we don't believe in video pacification.
by Mark Schenkel March 9, 2007
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The Pacific Pirates are a group of people also known as a "gang" that live in san diego california. They mainly focus on taking chicken from vons, but also take whatever they need to survive.
1) Damn dude, were down on sales because The Pacific Pirates stole all of our chicken.
2) Wow, the Pacific Pirates are ligit.
by Arnold Eugene February 22, 2009
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Also known as PB.A surf town where most locals are mellow and hate tourists who try to act local(mostly zonies). PB is often looked down on by snobby La Jolla kids so PB kids steal from them and beat them up.How ever La Jolla chicks are all hot, so we make exceptions.
Person:Pacific Beach is the best place ever, it has everything from surf to sluts.
by Yourpseudonym765567 February 14, 2012
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