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A hilarious Kevin Smith movie. It is one of the earlier Jay and Silent Bob films. The movie details a day two guys spend hanging out at the mall while trying to figure out a way to win back their girlfriends.
Brodie: Tell me, did you ever fart in front of her?
T.S. Quint: No, why do you ask?
Brodie: I never farted in front of Renee. Last week, I let one slip and today she dumps me.
T.S. Quint: Renee's not the shallow type. You're not insinuating...
Brodie: She was going down on me at the time.
by C the kike October 15, 2006
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2 Definitions:

1) A movie directed by Kevin Smith, a comedial genious.

2) A person who spends their time at the mall for no particular reason.
They're not there to shop. They're not there to work. They're just there.
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One who goes to a mall with no shopping agenda
Mallrats usually know everything that's going around in the mall (I,e: when the Easter bunny stand comes up) and knows about everything about the mall (what stores going where how long a store has been there and what store was there before that store)
also a kick ass movie by Kevin Smith
"You're one of those loser, fucking MALLRAT kids. You don't come here to Work or Shop -- You hang out and act like you fucking live here."
by Hison22 November 06, 2005
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A surly teenager who spends all of his or her time at the mall with friends. Typically seen standing around glaring at customers -- sometimes these fascinating creatures will pick fights with mall security and call them "fascists" for enforcing the mall's loitering bylaws. Also often seen intimidating the elderly people in the clothing stores, they flock back to the "baggy pants with mile-long wallet-chain" section of the clothing store when an employee threatens to call the police.
Those mall rats look like a bunch of hosers, I wish they'd get lives and a job.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
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Someone (usually a teen, preteen, male or female) who spends a very large amount of time at the mall (shopping center, enclosed shopping area, how ever you want to look at it) and does NOTHING at all but walk around, talk with friends, annoy people, ect. The females of this variety usually act very similar, but tend to dress drastically more slutty, wearing ripped jeans, shirts with the holes in the sleeves, yoga pants, (make camel toe much more visible) and UGG boots. They also add pounds of make-up and "whore lashes". They usually have little to no money on them, and do nothing but loiter and maybe, just maybe buy a snack or two. These crowds typically think what they do is "cool" and will walk around in crowds or groups (sometimes as many you can call it a mob. usually 4-15 people give or take) and talk with other groups and sometimes join into the rare Mall Blob. They also torment mall customers and Security Guards and sometimes make friends with shop employees and sometimes get free stuff from them and mooch off of them. They also use very odd catch phrases, like Groovy and Hellz Yeahz, or Too the Max!
Joey: Hey! Want to go to the mall?
Matt: Sure! We can goo with Josh, Kim, Ray, Jack, and Maria!
Joey: Awesome! I think Mark and a bunch of his friends are going too!
Matt: Sick! Hey, maybe Paul will let us sneak a movie and get us some popcorn!
Joey: Yeah man! I bet you any money Kim will have guys all over her the way she dresses and in those yoga pants? Woah!
Joey: Dude, were such Mall rats!
by ThatCoolGuyYouDon'tKnow February 11, 2013
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Those for whom the Mall is a place of both recreation and relaxation, a place of worship and of desecration, and a place where one can happily pack a bagged lunch in order to spend all the time neccessary in order to see a stereogram image appear.
by Dead Hero April 02, 2003
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A person who frequently hangs out at shopping malls without actually shopping or working. Usually they are teenagers and sometimes young adults.
Person #1: Hey, those kids sit in the food court all day every Saturday, what's the deal with them?
Person #2: They're just a couple of mallrats, don't pay them any mind.
by Jesse Ramen February 20, 2005
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