Pacas is a short name for pacoima gangsters for example: Pacas Latin Times
by MISTERI March 10, 2005
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The fake word my boyfriend pulled out of his ass to cheat in Words with Friends.
"There's no such thing as paca!!"
by Pillow Pantsss August 21, 2011
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A name in short as applied to anyone whom resembles an actual alpaca.

Not only will these people resemble alpacas they will also like climbing mountains and nesting in grass.

A general like for other farm animals including geese is another strong characteristic
paca, what are you doin?

Why you bashing the pac?

The paca misses the goose!
by big moose1 October 20, 2009
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there are a lot of beautiful paca's blooming at this time
by Sara February 4, 2003
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