You're all fags for talking about his dick. p and s.
by TourrettesGuy4ever April 6, 2008
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Pounce that shit.
The act of "pouncing" on the oppertunity for sexual contact.
Dude you've known her for years and you need to p that s already.
by Mottage for the masses January 24, 2009
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Male mood swings, often triggered by his wife/girlfriend's monthly hormone cycle. Symptoms include irratability, lethargy, and shut the hell up and order me a pizza...
Mike's really cranky today. What's wrong with him?

His wife's on the rag... He's just P Man S-ing
by stepdogg77 July 10, 2010
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P O S is the regular definition for PIECE OF SHIT.
This car is a P O S!
by JulioAllen July 7, 2006
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p ̨͗̀̉͒͛̽̒ȅ̶̖̪̜͂̋̆͐͋̈́̐̀͝n̵̻̦̼͓̈̈́͊̍ͅi ̛̯̹͚̝͖̅̈́́̇͌͐́̽̀͜s ̨͎̯͖̝̥̭̪̞̉̒̏͊̓̇̍͜ is penis with weird symbols on it
p ̨͗̀̉͒͛̽̒ȅ̶̖̪̜͂̋̆͐͋̈́̐̀͝n̵̻̦̼͓̈̈́͊̍ͅi ̛̯̹͚̝͖̅̈́́̇͌͐́̽̀͜s ̨͎̯͖̝̥̭̪̞̉̒̏͊̓̇̍͜ is penis but spelt with weird symbols.bols
by Jdjehduehd September 14, 2019
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aim slang for Parent over Shoulder
aim conversation:

weedhead96: oh hey whats we gnna go smke tht joint tonight
mothers_little_angle: wait u mean go start a forest fire?
p o s/ p o s/ p o s
weedhead96: oh yea thts what i ment my finger slipid on the keybored
by imAnubis December 25, 2007
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