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The act or state of perpetrating fierce and unholy domination against another, typically in a videogame setting, resulting in shame and embarassment for the victim and his/her family until the end of time.
"We laid down the ownage on those no0b-ass no0bz"
by ghostpigeon July 23, 2005
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Ownage (n):
1. Noun form of the verb own.
2. An instance in which someone or something is owned.
Player1 frags Player2 with exceptional skill.

Player1 taunts, "I just owned you Player2!"
Player3 comments, "Yeah, that was ownage."
by Seriph X September 01, 2004
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Ownage (N)
Pronuciation: Oh'neh'j
Definition: The state of owning or conversely being owned. Own, meaning complete mental, physical, and strategic mastery over someone; so much so that their ancestors, descendants, and any who has even spoken to the ownee (one being owned) verbally has been shamed by how pathetic the ownee is at gaming and possibly life in general. When one is being owned the owning player or person has complete control over exactly what happens next, and know and control your every move. They decide just how long you will be allowed to squirm beneath their firm grip over your life. This word is, of course, over used to gloat and brag about the effectiveness of your technique, and the quality of your gaming. What many call ownage is usually a mere series of favorable conditions that lead you to perform greatly beyond your avergage capacity. Ownage is very rarely achieved by a non power-gamer, hacker, or clan official, as these people have a near inhuman devotion to the game, or excess of free time. This can be attributed to the lack of their father forcing them to perform manuel labor at a young age to build what is generally known as character.
He wiped out my team before we even got a shot off for 19 consecutive rounds, that was absolute ownage.
by Shift Gun September 19, 2005
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when you completely and utterly dominate someone

usually said like Jim Jones says "Ballin'"
Tim: Aww man, you beat me again.
Adam: That's right bitch! OWNAGE!
by supastah May 07, 2007
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(Adj.) Ownage.

Ownage is past tense for the act of "owning" an opponent in a game of skill, in wich one player dominates the other with ease.

Used as an adjective, it describes/emphasizes the greatness, or great value of something. It can also describe severity.

The word is typically used over the internet, and is most commonly abundant in the computer gaming community; Even more specifically, the Half-life and Counter strike communities.
- Man, that game of counter-stike we played was ownage!

- Damn, the ownage they layed down on us in that last game was pretty bad. We need to practice some more.
by Russ_Conscript September 25, 2004
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the process by which a person (s) is 'owned' or defeated with tremendous skill at something
actual conversation featuring rather large amount of ownage on facebook group 'i hate waiting for the bus'

Person one: Not actually a fan just thought i'd say if you're tired of wating for the bus GET THE FUCK UP AND WALK YOU LAZY PEOPLE. The economy is a temporary problem in our country but obesity was around before during and i'm pretty sure it'll be there after so start getting exercise in and stop taking the bus.

person two: lol person one :) you're funny man =D

group admin:Thats funny? yeah u walk and get to ur destination on time u idiot. get urself out of this group u ignorant little shit.

person one: i reckon you can get anywhere on time if you leave early enough perhaps you should be more organised in your outings. plus sometimes waiting for the bus makes you late and you would've been better off walking which surely defeats the point of the bus. when i said what i said i was joking around when you called me an idiot and an 'ignorant little shit' that's rather a personal thing to say. also leave person two alone what he finds funny is his opinion and i think you'll find he's entitled to it! final point i wouldn't have joined this group if it was actually possible to leave a comment without doing so, so maybe do something about that before having a go at me in such a deliberately personal and aggressive way. if you have anything valid to say back say it if not i think it'll be your turn to take on the role of the 'ignorant little shit'

person one: (later that day) your silence speaks for itself

person three: well done person one... that made me crack

person two: lol person one, you're a bit random.

person four: haha nicely said
by coit105 June 22, 2009
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