Sleeps during the day, awake at night.
Why is Nash eating fruity pebbles at 3am? Gosh he is so nocturnal
by Ayee55 December 30, 2015
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the best skateshop in the city of philadelphia. owned by kerry getz and mark brandstetter.
by xxcuntbagsk8r57xx August 17, 2009
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When you're playing Black Ops and your shooting someone, and a guy on your team is behind you and steals your kill.
Yo, i was shooting this dude, and this douche behind nocturnaled my kill.
by battman811 January 7, 2011
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A person who is nocturnal by nature- their sleeping pattern has become reversed from the normal. Often the result of wasting time late at night/early morning online (usually streaming addictive TV shows, watching pointless YouTube videos etc)

Becoming a Nocturn can be a gradual and progressive change of state, sometimes happening without the affected realising that they are still watching Dexter repeats at 5.30am on a Tuesday morning.

Commonly found in students, the unemployed, and those whose jobs require them to work late at night.

Symptoms include, insomnia or oversleeping, excessive napping, disrupted eating pattern, weight gain (due to mindless snacking), the inability to maintain a normal daily routine, missing important appointments or events because you spent all night on youtube trying to teach yourself how to open a bottle with a lighter.
Dave- "Haven't you gone to bed yet? Its 6.20am!"

Fred- "I can't, I'm a Nocturn. I've been watching Animal Planet on Catch Up- if I sleep now then how will I know what happens to the baby Meerkat who lost its mum?!"

Dave- "You need help."
by INeedANap December 30, 2014
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A champion in League of Legends that uses the power of tilt to win games. By constantly ulting botlane the enemy team’s morale will crumble and the Nocturne player will be seeing a victory screen.
Person 1: “I’ve been playing Nocturne and I’ve won all of my games!”
Person 2: “Fuck you man, think of all the adc players you’ve left crying.”
by 69IsPrettyAwesome May 3, 2018
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Someone who is up at night and normally sleeps through the day.

2) one who is more active at night than through the day.
My nocturnal friend is always up at 3am and ends up not coming into school be ause he went back to sleep
by YOU'RE A SPOON January 26, 2016
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"the icecream man came to my street at 2 am.. nocturnal bastard!"
by Anomynous April 5, 2005
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