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people you are friends with on facebook who post meanless things, join endless groups, take unnecessary quizzes and add pointless applications, thus clogging up your minifeed.
Guy 1: that fucking george doe just became a fan of hamburgers..
Guy2: EW he's such and overposter
by ivorybear August 15, 2009
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1. On Facebook, when one posts status messages constantly or simply too many times throughout the day.

2. Posting too much information or information that is extremely personal or completely irrelevant on Facebook status messages.
She must really have no life, she is such an over-poster!
by Jenn2 September 08, 2010
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Some one who takes up an entire page on a message board to get one point across. Will typically take up 15 minutes of your day with a useless post. The post usually pertains to how he is better than you at something, thus taking up an entire page to do so when he could write one sentence.

we are better than you.
Skip is a classic over poster, he has wasted hours of my time with those drawn out posts on the message board.
by avondale May 01, 2008
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