When someone calls you "overbearing". That means you're controlling, and possessive .
Boy 1: Jake is a grown man, yet his mom still has to know his every move.
Boy 2: That's because his mom is overbearing.
by Crimson1981 September 7, 2018
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Needing too much of someone's attention.
"sorry Hun, for being so overbearing.. I'll trying to be more dark and distant instead." Said Batman
by Jokerspuddin January 30, 2023
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The action of someone jumping over a bear, the Canadian sport Overbearing officially become a part of the Olympic Games in 1935 and was removed due to Leon Jimin having his pelvis swallowed whole by the aggressive bear who in 2014 created an online petition against the sport as they considered it 'sexual harassment'.

This sport lasted many years but is no longer played as part of the DABH or Defence Against Bear Harassment's law against it.
Person 1: "Hey, want to play a game?"

Person 2: "Yes! Let's go Overbearing!"

*Police sirens grow closer*
by Jack tha Jackers May 2, 2022
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someone who is very demanding of one's time and efforts
Mary is overbearing according to her daughter's rights to have more personal freedom.
by Gerard Irick January 18, 2010
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a certain situation in which a bear(any type) picks up overshield and goes on a tear destroying any and all competitors
Scube Steve: Dude that bear is on a f**king tear!
Andrew: Yea, he must have picked up overshield, hes so overbearing
by idlenade December 9, 2011
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A significant other who tries to control your life and gets involved in as much shit as possible, much like an octopus might do with his many tentacles.
Ugh! My boyfriend is such an overbearing octopus. He won't let me go to the party tonight.
by melleeson November 10, 2009
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Particularly enthusiastic support for the Bristol Bears Rugby team.
"After the Bears' match, I'm going to head back to catch the post-game wrap up on TV" .
"That's overbearing"
by BrizzleTricks May 2, 2021
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