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An anime created by Gainax filled with tits, drills, giant robots, and a ton of kickass.
You want a summary of Gurren Lagann? Who the hell do you think I am? Watch the fucking series!
by Boota November 12, 2007
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The most epic anime show ever created by Gainax. It has everything an anime show could have; Drills, robots, girls with guns, explosions, bouncy boobs, awesome catchphrases. What else could a man want?
Most epic part of gurren lagann:

by Lord Kamina December 27, 2008
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What is Gurren Lagann? I'm not going to give a summary -- that's what Gurren Lagann is ABOUT. I'm gonna tell you what it actually is:

Once upon a time, there were three gods: Spectacle, Bombast, and Boobage. These gods were the absolute best of friends, inseparable from the beginning of their existence. But their explosive personalities resonated and compounded beyond limit every time they decided to have a wild adventure.

One night, these three gods decided to get drunk from an alcoholic concoction fermented from a mixture of testosterone, napalm, and concentrated pigmole blood. The result was a fantastic orgy that rivaled even the wildest of Dionysian parties in all of mythology.

As the three gods shrugged off their inhibitions, the night became hazy as they struggled to satisfy their bestial, sexual urges with the help of pleasurable company. Their seed burst forth from their loins, mixing as it flowed in a spiral pattern, and this divine essence impregnated the brain of a Mr. Kazuki Nakashima.

Nine months later, the entity in Nakashima's brain was delivered at Gainax hospital, after three hundred hours of agonizing labor. The newborn anime was christened: Gurren Lagann.
No matter how awesome a fight scene is in an episode of Gurren Lagann, they always top it later with an even more awesome one!
by PresterJohn August 15, 2011
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