You ought to be ashamed of yourself
by Winstond123 October 9, 2021
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Leave the house, premises or wherever you are at the time.
I say to my Love,“What time ya gonna kick outta here in the morning Babe?” And he says, “Stop talkin like a hoodlum!” WHAT???
by Saxganna January 16, 2018
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When their music was lock and now its time to go home
Kyle said the music was lock 🔐 from Frederick st the parade over dismiss em get em outta here
by Woodro242 May 31, 2021
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Some one who is actin like a hoe and doesn't shut there mouth spilled a super TOP secret info and now that info is being spread like peanut butter all over toast.
Me: yo biss who let the cat outta da BAG
Stupid boy: me 😟👉👈
by SwishieSwish November 2, 2021
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when ur playing volleyball and u suck so every time you hit the ball it goes who the heck outta nowhere
by yooooowowoahh November 16, 2017
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