A nicer name for homeless people than a bum or hobo.
Look at the outdoorsman hes spending the money people gave him to buy booze.
by samuraisushimonster October 14, 2008
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Another term for "unemployed". Can also possibly indicate that the subject has some hobbies related to outdoor activities.
Person 1: "What does he do?"
Person 2: "Oh...um, he's an outdoorsman"
Person 1: "Oh god."
by RadicalMGuy May 27, 2010
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n. Homeless person or bum. One who experiences the great outdoors of an urban setting for a prolonged period of time.
Man, that beard and plastic grocery bag make you look like an urban outdoorsman
by jive December 29, 2005
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Grandpa, you can't go around calling people 'bum's anymore. They prefer to be called urban outdoorsman.
by Action Steve May 24, 2006
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The politically correct term for a "Bum" or anyone exihibiting inveterate homelessness. Synonymous with "Urban-Dweller."
That guys not a Vet, just your run of the mill urban-outdoorsman.
by tammyfay October 20, 2009
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A Person found in a back country area who has no idea how to survive in the wilderness without massive amounts of unnecessary equipment and expensive provisions. He/she typically has all brand new equipment but not much understanding of how to use it to stay comfortable in the wilderness. These persons sometimes never leave the comfort of their 4 Wheel Drive SUV no matter how deep into the sticks they travel. Insects find them the most appealing to swarm on and bite. The smoke from the campfire always blows toward them.
I was near the ridge line in The Pisgah National Forest sleeping in my tent after a day of backpacking the A.T. when I was nearly run over by countless drugstore outdoorsmen in their jeeps out for a night romp on the jeep roads nearby. Their engine noise and music players kept me awake while they took turns pulling each other's vehicles from the mud for hours before a Drugstore Outdoorsman lit a huge gasoline fueled fire to cook hot dogs and marshmallows at midnight.
by Hiker 77 May 5, 2012
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