To have a falling out or disagreement with another individual.
Tom & Kelly had an outs as they didn't see eye to eye.
The quarterback and centre had an outs after their game loss over who's fault the fumbled snap was.
After hooking up with Mike's girlfriend Emanuel and he had an outs.

by Dave O'Dell December 31, 2008
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Please don't out anybody. It hurts so bad. You know what it means. You know what you did.
"Don't out people!"
Preach! No one should ever be outed!"
by Y0UR BEST FRIEND! January 18, 2021
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means breathing in and breathing out
girl:I am so pissed off right now I could scream and rip my hair out
boy: in and out
by _olivia.johnson_ June 23, 2018
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In the homosexual world, a person who no longer hides in the closet and chooses to express him or herself openly in their sexuality
Davis: Are you still a closet-queer?
Greg: Nope. I came out yesterday to my family.
by Dylan May 26, 2004
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disclosing someone's sexuality without their consent
Jenny was outing Bryan to his conservative grandmother. Bryan doesn't talk to either, now.
by ipodGPA84 December 1, 2014
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To reveal some previously secret part of someone's life, originally from someone coming "out of the closet" as gay.
Valerie Plame was outed by the Bush Administration as a CIA agent.

Joe was outed as an alcholic when his boss saw him leaving an AA meeting.
by MaxInCa May 15, 2006
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synonym for "sex".....
I went in and out with your mom for an hour!
by Umm May 6, 2005
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