(noun) A courteous and thoughtful occurrence where a person who has been wronged, cheated or misled by another gives the wrongdoer an opportunity to correct their offense(s) and save face as well as other possible consequences most oftentimes in an anonymous setting.
Robert knew that whore Betsy had his wallet. They were the only two people in the fucking room!!! Was she so stupid that she thought he’s so stupid as to not know that SHE HAD HIS WALLET!!! Retelling the story to visiting friend, Robert continued, “So I thought to myself ‘ Bitch, save some face, and your life and return whats mine’, so I decided to give her an out and said, even though I had not stepped inside there, “Maybe it is in the bathroom” and went there giving her time to put my goddamn wallet back where she had taken it from”.
by Nikki Stixx July 28, 2021
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Slang; Nadsat for 'sex'
"I would have liked to have a bit of the in-out, in-out right there on the stage with her." - Alex (A Clockwork Orange)
by RandyL November 12, 2003
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in and out of that: _The act of going in and out of something maybe once or multiple times
1. Dammnnn! homie check out that ass im so in and out of that.
2. yo David check that hoe out im so in and out of that ya feel me?
3. sup homie ya see that skeezer over there i was IN AND OUT OF THAT you should of seen the look on that managers face when i gave a skeezer a cleaveland steamer right infront of him he was like that was illtastic!
by monkeybolls April 20, 2010
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The back and forth movement of an erectile penis moving back and forth "in and out" of a girl's vagina; it usually is a repeated movement when it comes to sex and pleasure for the lady.
Its nothing special, they're just doing the old in out, in out.
by Justin February 21, 2004
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Adjective phrase, meaning not being in a state of one's normal mind. This could mean really tired, confused, insane, etc.
Joe: John just woke up, and man, he's out of it!
by USS Vagrant January 5, 2006
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Being found out, usually when involving homosexuality.
The lesbian was outted.
by JT September 25, 2003
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Leaving a conversation or room. Signifying a good bye.
"I'm out like a fat kid in Dodgeball."

by B-Unit May 1, 2003
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