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Current Children: Ziggurat, Matt

If Mai got herself pregnant with her Male side: Maivis
by RandyL March 16, 2003
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A male who ejaculates onto the matress after intercourse/self-tercourse.
He maztered all over the top of the matress
by RandyL November 16, 2003
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A fuxing hard difficulty setting o Max Payne.

You have 1 minute to finish the level, but you can gain seconds to your time by killing ans stuff.
">_< OMFG how the fuck am I supposed to run that fast to the fucking end of the fucking subway"
by RandyL December 08, 2003
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He wasn't gettin' the jimmy-whacks from his ho, so he engaged in a little self-tercourse instead.
by RandyL November 16, 2003
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A demoness from Hell whose sole purpose is to drain the souls of men by having sex with them.
A very attractive female demon who craves sex and must have lots of it because she uses the cum to provide energy for her life-force.

Not to be confused with a Succubus, although they are very similar.
Ryoko says:

^ But we know she's lying.
by RandyL March 13, 2003
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A katana with a 'reverse' blade; meaning the traditional shape edge is dull and hard, and the flat back has the shape edges. This way, the sword delivers bliunt damage instead of cutting damage, ut the way it is crafted it is still VERY lethal by causing high, concentrated damage onto one spot.
The kind of sword used by Himura Kenshin in the manga known as Rurouni Kenshin.

And yes, I understand is makes NO FUCKIGN SENSE AT ALL, but you can eventually get the concept of it.

(BTW, thnx to The Dork Knight at the Anime and manga Social board from GameFAQS.com for explaining it to be originally)
by RandyL October 16, 2003
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What's the Conversation me, Travis and Rob are having thsi moment on MSN.
When no one has typed anything for awhile.
by RandyL March 10, 2003
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