16 definitions by RandyL

Anal Sex with the use of a Xylophone or Xylophone sticks.
She buggered herslef in the ass with the hard round ball at the end of the xylophone stick.
by RandyL October 17, 2003
"Jesus Christ, that's the fourth fucking time that goddamned song by Horse Whiskers has been on in the last hour!"
by RandyL March 17, 2003
The stupid, crappy and fat son of Mai.
Father unknown.
Serves no real purpose other then to occupy space in the universe.
by RandyL March 16, 2003
The TRUE "Entity" that manipulates everything.
While WE pray to God, Allash, Jebus, etc., THEY all give praise to Terref.
by RandyL May 15, 2003
Current Children: Ziggurat, Matt

If Mai got herself pregnant with her Male side: Maivis
by RandyL March 16, 2003
A fuxing hard difficulty setting o Max Payne.

You have 1 minute to finish the level, but you can gain seconds to your time by killing ans stuff.
">_< OMFG how the fuck am I supposed to run that fast to the fucking end of the fucking subway"
by RandyL December 9, 2003