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Verb; The act of running while being engaging in the stand and carry sexual position.

The penetrating partner runs, while carrying the receiving partner whose arms are wrapped around his neck, and legs around his waist, having the vagina or anus penetrated by the man's penis, thus resembling a sprinting ostrich.

I was fucking this bitch on the beach when the po-po turned up, so I picked her up and we ostriched outta there!

The wedding took a strange turn when Jack and Molly started ostriching up and down the church aisle.

John: Fancy some ostriching?
Jane: What's ostriching?
John: <whispers>
Jane: Oh my!
by Jack and Molly April 04, 2010
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Like the act of Planking or Owling, the person digs a hole in the ground and places their head inside to resemble an Ostrich with its head in the ground. Which then they take a picture and upload it for their friends to see.
by Bweizz July 25, 2011
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The act of having no concern for one's safety or surroundings while looting in PUBG, hyper-focused on what loot is available.
Ryan's entire team was slaughtered by an enemy squad while he was ostriching.
by minglemingy June 13, 2018
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Ostrich-ing: To stick your mug in anything while your hands are on your hips with your elbows pointing up.
Yo, I was ostrich-ing on some chicks crotch all night, bro.
by The female Hugh Hefner November 02, 2011
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verb. The act of one person hopping onto another person's back so that the "top" person is sitting on the "bottom's" lower back with his/her legs wrapped around the bottom's waist. Usually seen with the bottom sprinting around while the top pecks his/her head backwards and forwards. Flip-flopping the roles of top and bottom can occur, but are very rare.
I just saw Peter and Daniel ostriching down the street pissing everybody off. I always thought Peter was the top, but I guess I was wrong.
by ostrichtop November 13, 2010
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When the bed moves so much you create a hole between the headboard and the mattress. Then you push the girls head in the hole and trap her in there, with her ass in the air.
The sex was so hard last night the bed moved two feet. So I decided to try Ostriching .
by Killitandgrillit August 10, 2015
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Ostriching; Ostriched; Used as an alternative term for *ostracizing*.
Person 1: you are a fool *Elijah*
Person 2: stop *ostriching* me
by LucasChu May 27, 2017
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