The King of Stamford Bridge. Peter Osgood was one of the beautiful game's great entertainers and characters in the 60s and 70s at Chelsea who was idolised and still is by the Bridge even though it nearly 30 years since he pulled on the blue shirt.

And the glory hunters who now follow Chelsea will probably not realise who he is
Ossie: The King of Stamford Bridge
by Iain Langmaid June 29, 2006
dumbass americans calling australians, 'ossies'

which in acutal fact its 'aussie'
so your an ossie? do u ride kangaroos to work?

lol :D those ossies
by lerky December 31, 2004
Ossy is a wonderful talented girl who has many friends. She is the most beautiful girl you could ever meet. If you happen to know a girl named Ossy, consider yourself lucky. She is the awesomest person in the world, and she will make you happy. So keep her close, and treat her right. You will regret losing her.
"Damn... she's pretty!"
"Yeah, she's an Ossy."
by Oh. That's cute November 20, 2012
Term for people from eastern Germany, usually in a negative context.
Dieser scheiss Ossi!
This fucking Ossi!
by Herr Duden September 24, 2005
A tall skinny guy who has no friends. He also likes to make weird faces and thinks he's better than everyone else.
"Did you see him make that face at me? Who does he think he is?!"
"Wow that guy is such an Ossy."
by fsysfa January 28, 2010