The wordSpanish” in Spanish
Tú hablas español? (Do you speak Spanish?)
by nlolhere July 14, 2020
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The word "spanish" in Spanish. One of the best words ever.
Tú hablas español? (Do you speak Spanish?)
by nlolhere July 17, 2020
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Verb tense of Español (Spanish for Spanish.). Commonly used when referring to speaking to Spanish, but you would rather not say "I'm speaking Spanish."
Jim: "Si, yo como pescado a medionoche"
Sally: "What are you doing?"
Jim: "I'm Españoling."
by Behind Janitor September 25, 2009
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Spanish is a language used in spain.
person 1: Realmente necesito hacer caca. donde esta el baño, tengo diarrea explosiva

person 2: what? is that spanish (Español)? no hablo Español.

person 1: qué..? Realmente necesito ir al baño. por favor dirígeme al baño
by oka2111 December 1, 2020
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Someone who works too much, paved their own road and now it’s their own asphalt.
Lynsey is una SUCKA (en español)
by Everslander May 6, 2021
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When My dad comes from work he turns on "CNN en Español" since he's hispanic and all
by AC October 24, 2003
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