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A japanese mangaka (manga artist) who is known for his work on Naruto series.

He has an interesting style of drawing and his art is actually amazing. However, the same can't be said about his creation.

While interesting at first, Masashi gradually spoils up the plot. Soon, we have lots of dull characters, overrated bishie villains, and the infamous sasuke uchiha, a gary-stu angsty bishie who gets all attention.

Kishimoto kicks ass as an illustrator, but Naruto is actually overrated.
Masashi Kishimoto draws so well... Sadly, Naruto is way too overrated.
by Hexamethylene September 30, 2009
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An anime made by Tatsunoko, the masters of anime in japan.

The plot revolves around a bishonen, Otoha, former yakuza member, who earns the power to become a Karas, a superpowered ninja covered by a black armor. This armor gives him powers to protect the city against the mikuras, machine demons created by the former Tokyo's protector, Ekou, a Karas who turned against the city.

Also, there's the Yurines, fairies who travel together with the Karas, giving them their powers.

It is a unique anime with 3D-celshaded scenes blending with traditional animation, splendid fight scenes - they actually fight, instead of shitty, pointless drama and angst, like in naruto and twilight books.

Karas is also a top-tier character in Wii's crossover fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and has a fighting style similar to Strider Hiryu, focusing on speed and chain combos instead of damage.
Karas is one of the best anime ever created.

Also, I love to play with him in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
by Hexamethylene November 27, 2009
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Orochi is the legendary 8-headed snake from japanese folklore. A beast similar to Tiamat.

Also, he is a protagonist in Koei's Musou/Warriors Orochi franchise: Created a warped world and trapped warlords from the three kingdoms of ancient china dynasty warriors/ sangoku musou and the warring states of japan samurai warriors/sengoku musou with the help of Da Ji, a supernatural anthropomorphic fox based on the concubine of King Zhou of the Shang dynasty.

Orochi is also a villain in the King of Fighters series - this time orochi is an evil force sealed by the Yagami and the Kusanagi clans 1800 years prior to the events in the game King of Fighters '97. He reappears at the neo-geo crossover game Neogeo battle coliseum" under the name of Mizuchi, a clone of the original Orochi made by WAREZ, a fictional corporation which is leading a tournament to take over Neogeo world.
"Entropy will always triumph." - Orochi in his Musou/Warriors series.

"Let us return to nothingness." - Orochi in the KOF/NGBC games.
by Hexamethylene November 23, 2009
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