this slang is used for someone who is beyond mad ... in fact next level!
Denise 'woah have you seen that tomato flying to jupiter, its asshole is incredible'

Chloe ' you are crazy!'
by REALbitchasshoe May 25, 2017
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Obviously a shortened version of "you're crazy." Meaning: 1. Why that is just silly. 2. That's another stupid idea from you. 3. Hello, I'm with crazy over here. 4. You just plain crazy.
Lindsey insisted that Scott were the velvet jumper, to which he replied, "you crazy."
by Mister Jones January 11, 2005
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when a girl says "boy you crazy" while laughing it usually means she likes you
Mark-" Girl you must be a parking ticket... cause you got FINE written all over you"
Sandra-"Hahaha Boy you crazy"
by ReeseAnne March 12, 2010
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1) when something is sick, acknowledging your ppl who made it happen

2) when your massively drunk and want something to shout out loud
EX 1:

M: i bet abdul wont actually come back with any water

*5 mins later abdul returns*



by Microfne Chek February 21, 2010
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(STUPID QUESTION) (OUT OF THE BOX QUESTION)(OUt of the box suggestion) or (crazy action)(acting like a fool)
Flava Fla thinking he is the sexiest man alive - he must be crazy.
One of the guys from Bone thugs asking my friend to give him some head - she told him - you must be crazy.
K-fed thinking we were going to buy his rap CD - he must be crazy.
Kanye West - acting like a fool - he must be crazy.
Britney Spears thinking she can drive around town with her kids on her lap and think she will gain custody - she must be crazy.
by Hope 1977 October 02, 2007
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A song by the band Pink Floyd from their album Wish You were here.

The song, is in two parts on the album, but is really nine parts.

Here is how the parts break down:

Part I Orchestra-like keyboard chords, some synth horn.
Part II Begins with "Syd's Theme", the four note (Dah DAH dah DAH...) riff that is repeated throughout this part of the song.
Part III Rick's synth horn solo.
Part IV Vocal section.
Part V Sax solo.
Part VI Odd-sounding synth, then goes into some decent lap steel by Gilmour.
Part VII Second vocal section.
Part VIII Jazzy synths.
Part IX Closing funeral dirge-like synth horn solo.
Evan: RATE Shine on You Crazy Diamond plz
JON: INSTA 10/10!
by PartyCheetos October 16, 2006
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To miss a lot; have been missing you like crazy, or i have been missing you a lot.
to a friend you haven't seen in a long tome: I haven't seen you in forever, i've been missin' you crazy!


it's been about a year now, ain't seen or heard from you, been missin' you crazy
by Ryn Cat August 10, 2009
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