5 definitions by GBurgNupe

Any of the students from the Mark Twain School for "Special Kids". Any Mark Twain kid that got arrested or in juvenille court system.
I heard he's a Twainiac, he stole a few cars before coming here.
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
Anything rediculously easy.
This chick was all over me, knocking it down is gonna be Glass Joe...
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
A teammate in a pickup basketball game who won't pass to save his life...The ball goes in and won't come back out.
Don't pass to dude in the blue shorts, he's a black hole.
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
Any top notch female worthy of being your main woman
"Sandra is ok, but her girl Tangela is a 1st Round Draft Pick"
by GBurgNupe March 25, 2004
Imma hit the bar, getta Long Island, then Imma Orbit...
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004