3 definitions by veryhappychica

any event or gathering of nerds during which the enjoyment of a nerdy subject is experienced.
the lord of the rings philosophy lecture at my college was a nerdfest: it attracted nerds and the subject matter was extremely nerdy.
by veryhappychica January 5, 2005
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nuclear-powered chewing gum that initially releases a blast of minty freshness into your mouth upon insertion. some people's mouths are not equipped to handle such intense minty freshness and thus tear up a bit. while chewing orbit, those around you will experience a clearing of the nasal passages.
i was chewing orbit, and my mouth felt alive.
by veryhappychica December 29, 2005
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a place with gothic architecture, where jesuits and other freakishly intelligent people try to teach collar-popping, plex-obsessed, hopelessly drunk and self-centered rich folks' kids. just kidding. that only applies to about 90% of the bc population.
boston college isn't that bad.
by veryhappychica December 29, 2005
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