An Ape, also known as a “smoothbrain” is an individual who knows nothing else other than Buy/HODL. This is his code. He does not play into FUD but instead cracks open a new box of crayons for an afternoon snack. Trying to fight against an Ape is futile as Apes of this class tend to stand together in massive numbers. They are often seen trading hard earned bananas for stonks and a possibility of earning tendies in return. They don’t know when the tendies will come however and this is why HODL. Their overall unwillingness to sell, despite shill attacks, hedgie threats, and mainstream media FUD has earned them the title of having what’s known in nature as “Diamond Hands” the strongest force found here on Earth. A force underestimated by the apes mortal enemy known as “shitadel”These Apes currently desire to live on the moon using rocket ships with pretty colors. Not much else is known about this Ape community but if you ever run into one you might just hear them whisper “This is the way” right before getting hit in the face with feces. -This is the way.
Look at that ape in his Lamborghini, damn I should’ve HODL too.
by DrThrob April 5, 2021
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a substitution for any other adjective, adverb, noun, or verb, particuarly for words concerning caziness or anger. (Ape has been adopted by many schools in Virginia and clubs have formed and it is used reguarly in everyday speach)
-You are such an ape!
-Stop aping around!
-What an apish movie...
-You dance so apishly, i am ashamed to be your friend...
by Lady of the Lampost November 6, 2004
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To force advice out of someone. Like rape, with an 'a' for advice.
Dude, you're not going to fucking ape me.
by mulan15182 July 16, 2008
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Someone who never gives up on taking down the hedgies. The best of the best.
Diamond motherfuckin’ hands you Apes
by Yesyesidigress March 18, 2021
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Ape can be used as a general pronoun and generic verb, adverb, and any other part of speech. Monkey-like chimp-like mammal thriving on feces fights.

synonyms: (v) murder, prance about wildly, making general "ooks" and "eeks". (adj.) brown, smelly, great, amazing, glorious, bombastic, pompous, hilarious, massive, mischevious, murderous. (n.) monkey-like animals such as chimps, idiot, glorious human being, glorious feces-being, everything with the latin root "omnio". (adv.) brownly, smellily, greatly, amazingly, gloriously, bombasticly, pompously, hilariously, massively, mischeviously, murderously, badly. (intj.) You! Die! Stupid! Yes! No! Ihateyouyoushoulddie! Genius! Youfail!
Apeish Apes aped Apeishly
by The Ape Herder October 25, 2004
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A large, hairy, beast-like creature, who constantly smokes satan sticks. You can find her in her chair at her house or protecting retards at her work from unwanted dark figures. Also she might be found having sex with her offspring der.
Hey Meg, lets go steal apes cigs today after school!

I dont know Scam, ape might find out.
by Skeg Smith January 7, 2008
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gorgeous but heavily humble girl. usually funny as hell though.
Calls her mom fat ALOT.
and HERSELF. omg 4srs.
Hangs out with queens and AZNs.
AZN: Haha. Apes are so cool.

Guy: That Ape taught me how to get guys! Oh EM GEE.
by nubsfromthar January 10, 2009
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