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He’s just weird to be honest

(His music taste is elite though)
“Have you seen the.emo.cult on Instagram?”

Lol yeah. He has problems”
by Jjwjdhwhdd February 20, 2021
Lead singer of the band Black Veil Brides. He is a tall and attractive fella who needs to be protected at all times. His fans are quite weird so be aware.
Fangirl: omigod Andy Biersack is so fucking sexy I just wanna take off his pants and touch his di-
by Jjwjdhwhdd June 8, 2019
A word that always starts a freaking conversation
Person: hi

Me: hi
by Jjwjdhwhdd March 1, 2018
Okay, let me give you an actual definition of pansexuality cause all these other definitions are wrong. A pansexual person may consider them as being gender-blind. They don’t see genders if that makes sense. They’ll fall in love with anybody. People often confuse bisexual and pansexual to be the same, but they’re not. The main difference between pansexuality and bisexuality is this; a bisexual person feels sexually attracted to both genders, while a pansexual person falls in love with ALL genders. They just have to have a good personality.
Random kid: I really like you. Can I take you out on a date?
Pansexual kid: I mean, your personality is good so why not?!
by Jjwjdhwhdd June 5, 2019