God eats orange chicken on special occasions only.
by lingojac March 9, 2009
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oh wait it’s just josh!”
by bloated salva January 9, 2018
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(n.),(v.),(adj.) or-inj chick-in
A phrase used when one cannot remember a certain word or phrase.
1. So um...do you want to go to the...ORANGE CHICKEN!

2. I can't really say that I've orange chickened before.

3. Have you ever eaten that stuff they call... orange chicken? (Hah, that's funny. Orange chicken is food, too.)
by Bobby June 20, 2004
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Orange Chicken is a tender food served at many chinese restaraunts including the food-chain Panda Express.
Orange Chicken is the food of the gods, and you can't possibly handle it!
by Greg April 7, 2003
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Legitimately the best food on the planet. It's like fuel to my hungry soul, not only does it feed me physically, but it also feeds me emotionally and fills me with wonder and will power to move forward each day.
Katelyn: Man, I'm in need of a mind-blowing, spiritual experience.
Amy: Bahahahah that's what she said...
Ryon&Will: this is awkward...
Tessa: (glares) NOTHING IS AWKWARD.
Kayla: Katelyn is obviously talking about her need of orange chicken and chow mien from panda express.
Katelyn: Woah, dude. You are SO right! How'd you know?
Kayla: Well, I had orange chicken for breakfast. It fuels my soul.
by katiethekat. December 21, 2010
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Used to describe any 24 karat gold jewelry
Damn cuh that chains yellow as fuck, is that orange chicken?
by AE8620v October 11, 2021
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