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Legitimately the best food on the planet. It's like fuel to my hungry soul, not only does it feed me physically, but it also feeds me emotionally and fills me with wonder and will power to move forward each day.
Katelyn: Man, I'm in need of a mind-blowing, spiritual experience.
Amy: Bahahahah that's what she said...
Ryon&Will: this is awkward...
Tessa: (glares) NOTHING IS AWKWARD.
Kayla: Katelyn is obviously talking about her need of orange chicken and chow mien from panda express.
Katelyn: Woah, dude. You are SO right! How'd you know?
Kayla: Well, I had orange chicken for breakfast. It fuels my soul.
by katiethekat. December 21, 2010
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Possibly the best day of the week in art class. It's the day that all people celebrate the beauty of life. It's great to be alive on prompt day!!
Katelyn: Today sucks.... I hate mondays.
Amy: But it's prompt day!!
Kayla: Oh muffins... prompt day fills my soul with glee!
Ryon & Will: Well... that was awkward.
Tessa: Shut up, nothing is awkward.... especially on prompt day.
by katiethekat. December 21, 2010
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