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To date, Counter-Strike: Source has proven to be the best place for 12 year olds to prove they are better than you at life and that they screw your mom and that you're a complete flaming homosexual failure because his character shot you in the head and he screamed 'PWNT'. 'CSS' gives hopeless people hope in the fact that you can be good at nothing, not put any effort into real life development, not have a job, not be the least bit intelligent, not have any sort of education or training or skills for a job, not have a job, still live with your parents at 35, be a retarded stoner, not have a job, and still appear superior to everyone else because he has 9000 kills, 0 deaths and 1 latency. conversely, i love counter-strike source.

Life: You're still a failure.
by lingojac February 22, 2009
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1. 9 nails that are an inch in length

2. An insignificant quantity of nails that are uniformly 9 inches of length

3. A phrase describing what an entity named 'nine inch' does.

4. trent reznor (a.k.a. God)
I have a handful of nine inch nails.
by lingojac March 09, 2009
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A game that should be given an award for the largest waste of time that people actually pay for. This game features the ability to point, click, and kill for hours, days, months, and years with virtually no rewards or gratification.
L2 Player: I played Lineage II for 14 hours straight and I FINALLY LEVELED UP! WOOHOO! I hate my life.
by lingojac February 22, 2009
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Popular American male make-up model who can be best described as industrial-for-retarded-folk, or shock-rock-that's-never-really-shocking-but-sometimes-cool. Gains popularity by having a few good songs while milking the whole hating-christianity-makes-you-semi-famous thing of the 90's. Got breast implants to try to shock more people, but musically-knowledgeable people know that Genesis P. Orridge did that already (and it made more sense in his case).

People claim he's goth (although I'm sure Manson doesn't claim so), which pisses off people who listen to Bauhaus.

Senseless profanity coupled with awesome stage-presence.
Marilyn Manson burned a bible on-stage, he must mean business!

Marilyn Manson pissed on the audience at a show. He must mean business!

Marilyn Manson purchased a Chinese skeleton of a child. How shocking. He must mean business!

Marilyn Manson got breast implants. He must mean bu-(busts up laughing).

Guy 1: Marilyn Manson is the next Alice Cooper!

Guy 2: *smacks Guy1 upside head*
by lingojac March 16, 2009
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n. The effect that occurs shortly after finishing a treadmill workout, in which, after running in place for a long period of time, walking on static ground gives the sensation that you're body is moving twice as fast as you're walking. Often causes sufferer to walk abnormally slow or, in hilarious cases, fall down. Usually experienced by those who do not use a treadmill often.
After using the treadmill for an hour, Jack had a treadmill high and, in an attempt to slow down, stumbled on his way to the locker room.
by lingojac September 28, 2009
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