A girl thats mostly quiet around strangers but is really outgoing around friends. She likes sports and dancing. She can be clumsy but it's considered cute by people. She is a drama queen and takes things to the heart. She believes in second chances, but after that you're done. She is considerate and kind and also very pretty and classy, never a slut. She can be whatever age and still be a teenager at heart.
Person 1- You remind me of my friend Tali.

Person 2- ...Is that a good thing?

Person 1- If you consider being beautiful funny and sweet good, then yes.

Person 2- Fine with me (:
by x0oBabeeyGirllx0o April 19, 2011
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Military shorthand for "Taliban", the terrorist group that ran Afghanistan from 1996-2001, got chased out by the American military, only to come back 20 years later and take it over again.
When I was in Afghanistan, we got in a firefight with about 25 Tali, I'm not sure how we got out of there alive, but we did.
by Russellsroughneck November 5, 2021
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An awesome artistic athletic girl. The three A's. Shes always up for an adventure.Shes also Beautiful bright and brainy.
Boy 1: Aww man that tali, shes something!
Boy 2: Oh I know i hardly even know her and shes hard to resist!!
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An awesome but sensative friend you can rely on.
Cara is a tottal Tali, but, thats why we are friends!!
by Jazzy! January 8, 2008
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A totally crazy girl. She has a wacky sense of style and is extremely outgoing and friendly. Tali has a ton of friends and always has a boyfriend. She's a little perverted and doesn't care what other people think. This results in her originality, but also offends some people. Tali has very very dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Look at her clothes, they're so colorful!
She must be a Tali
by soccergal999 January 18, 2011
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She is always making funny jokes and will always be searching for love,tali is a star and she is a QUEEN at everything she does
Tali is so smart
Tali is good at dancing
by KiDdO.Princess January 9, 2019
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