An empowering term for the "little people" (i.e. midgets) of this world. Started in Portland, Oregon, but was soon sweeping the nation. Redwoods everywhere are rejoicing about this new term.
Anna: Look at that midget *laughs wildly*

Christina: You bag of ass that's really rude. We all know the correct term is Redwood.

Anna: You're right.. what was I thinking?! Look at that redwood!

*both laugh wildly*

Taylor: Thanks for using correct terminology to describe my small stature.

*all embrace*
by Christina + Anna July 25, 2006
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Having a rock hard penis that is so large it resembles a enormous tree. The opposite of balsa
Boy A: "Hey redwood"

Boy B: "What's up balsa"
by Redbalsa December 14, 2010
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When a red headed ginger walks around with a tent pitched in his pants 24/7
by dr dolittle September 16, 2008
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A tall, beautiful, stunning woman that has a foul-smelling vagina. (This definition is derived from characteristics of actual Redwood trees--they collect rainwater and are essentially foul and rotten on the inside)
Q: "Did you take home that tall, smoking hot model last night?" A: "Yes, I did but she was a Redwood....her pussy was very stinky... smelled like hot garbage
by joeydnewyork January 15, 2013
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Having a penis that is stastically bigger than 99.3% of all men.
Man that redwood is gigantic.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
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A sexual position consisting of two males and two females. The males are both penetrating their respective females while the females face each other, making out. The males alternate thrusts to create the motion of sawing a giant redwood tree in half.
My buddy Ted and I pulled off a redwood saw with these two sluts the other night.
by Doggshit January 24, 2011
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Coolest non-Hawaii place ever. Enough said.
Let's go to Redwood Shores and have the best time ever rowing boats and playing wiffle ball.
by Beech Bongie January 29, 2006
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