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comes from the words "opposite editorial", is a piece of writing usually opposite the editorial page of a newspaper or a magazine
Claire is writing the op ed pieces in "The New Towner" magazine.
by AthenaAthens December 09, 2006
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You can have them bimbos,
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by Pdough May 15, 2006
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A newspaper page, usually opposite the editorial page, that features signed articles expressing personal viewpoints.
“By this stage, there were much larger street demonstrations, vigils and op-ed pieces"
by Gata Negra January 13, 2009
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OPinions & EDitorials
An op-ed peice for the NY times
by leon June 19, 2006
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a page made of columns and short essays appearing across from the editorial (from opposite editorial)
Their op-ed page is boring.
by The Return of Light Joker October 04, 2009
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In journalism, it has always meant Opinion Editorial or Opinion of the Editor.
The Oped (Op Ed) this week comes from Mrs Ethel Snodgrass of Chipping Sodbury on the subject on the medicinal uses of earwax.
by aidanbh April 25, 2015
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'Did you hear Sparky likes that old guy? She's such an oped'
by Randy Yarnballs July 08, 2008
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